Creating Competent, Confident Global Citizens

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Our Mission

To connect learners, peers, and instructors to a world of global life skills via globalised language learning and practice. 

2019 was our Diamond Anniversary, celebrating sixty years of innovation in foreign language education and multicultural awareness.


Global and Strategic Partnerships

An integral part of our programmes is  cooperation with schools abroad; these can be curriculum or language schools, with which we establish exchanges within the framework of our ‘Cosmopolitan Competences-Citizens of the World ©’ programme. During 2019 and 2020, we collaborated with schools and educational experts in Korea, Russia, Nepal, India, Canada and Kenya.

In 2020 NIKOLOPOULEIO became a Certified Member of the Global Schools Programme and a signatory to the commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

In 2019, NIKOLOPOULEIO signed an MOU and became a Strategic Partner of the UNESCO Chair for Futures Literacy and an active member of their Transforming the Future platform.

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Our Services

Classes in English, German, French, Spanish & Italian

NIKOLOPOULEIO offers modern, immersive language teaching for 5 European languages (English, French, German, Spanish and Italian), with an interactive, cosmopolitan orientation.

In addition to offering courses leading to language learning certifications- with an excellent track record for results, we aim to raise cultural awareness towards a globalized work and learning environment. Our priority is practicing languages in real world situations, giving our students the confidence to go on to study, work and live in countries where those languages are spoken, globally.

Our Services include:

  • Language Classes

    (English-French-German-Spanish-Italian) for students of all levels and ages, and leading to all relevant certifications by the respective institutions. In particular:


University of Cambridge

University of Michigan

Learning Resource Network

Educational Testing Service

British Council; IDP; IELTS Australia and Cambridge Assessment English


Ministere de l’Education nationale; Sorbonne Université



Goethe Institut



Instituto Italiano di Cultura


Instituto Cervantes

These extracurricular programmes aim to develop a wide range of life  and employability skills for our students,  through a series of activities and methodologies that make use of globalised languages

This programme aims to cultivate a natural feel for the English language as it is used  in the contemporary globalised environment on a day-to-day basis. It is specifically designed to target the needs of adult learners.

A week-long programme focused on creative labs, cosmopolitan competences, project-based learning and innovative language teaching methods

Classes preparing students for the foreign language exam component as part of the requirements of the University entrance  exams.

About Us

NIKOLOPOULEIO was founded in Larissa, Greece in 1959 by two cosmopolitan world travellers and language educators, Dionysios and Despina Nikolopoulou.

Their mission was to connect learners, peers, and instructors to a world of global life skills, as pioneers in interactive language learning and vocational education in Greece.

Today, NIKOLOPOULEIO is proud to have in its team a global community of experts,  teachers, educators, advisors and entrepreneurs, excited about helping us create a unique learning experience in our schools.

Our Locations

A Central  (‘A Kentriko’):           

Our iconic first school is located at 29 Lambrou Katsoni Street.

29 Lambrou Katsoni Street, 41223, Larissa, Greece

(+30) 2410285355



Nikolopouleio Language School Entrance 2 - A Central

B Central  (‘B Kentriko’):            

Our second school is located at the intersection of Koumoundourou and Tagmatarchou Velissariou streets

18 Tagmatarchou Velissariou -Koumoundourou Street, 41222, Larissa, Greece

(+30) 2410535732


Nikolopouleio-Language-School-Entrance-3 - B Central

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